On behalf of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries we are pleased to extend our cordial invitation to all the stakeholders parties, organisations and institutions working in the e-commerce field locally, regionally and internationally to attend and participate actively in Oman’s first E-commerce conference (OEC) 2019. The event hosted and organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in coordination and partnership with Inovexic which shall be held in September 2019 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre – Sultanate of Oman.

The Conference offers a wonderful platform to learn, share and discuss emerging opportunities in the field of e-commerce, retail and digital trends to look out for in the future while sharing the best practices of the eCommerce ecosystem. The Conference will witness a high level participation of dignitaries, decision makers and well-known players in the field of e-commerce locally, regionally and internationally.

Various sessions would provide an opportunity to discuss challenges in real time while also revealing high level information about national objectives and regulatory framework enhancing transparency, reliability and consistency for the entire business community. The sessions would cover a wide range of topics on eCommerce, logistics, digital trends, payments, fintech, health and education, and many other related topics.

The event will present opportunities for the local and international service providers as well as investors who actively seek investment opportunities to further strengthen the economy and create a robust digital commerce ecosystem.

We look forward to working closely with all the stakeholders to strengthen the bilateral and global trade while improving investment ties. We invite you to be a part of OEC -2019 as great learning, connections and experience await for you in Oman.

Best Wishes,
H. E. Dr. Ali Bin Masoud al Sunaidy
Minister of Commerce and Industry
Why Governments should attend OEC?

It is the leading Congress for Ministers, senior government officials, government representatives,  international organizations, development banks, academics and civil society to discuss the development and investment opportunities in the digital economy space and challenges associated with the evolving digital economy. In the progressive landscape for e-commerce and the digital economy, numerous forms of digital platforms play a central role, facilitating e-commerce, payments, job opportunities and Big data with a lot social interaction and enormous prospects

Economic Growth
- Enhanced digital penetration will have substantial positive impact on the economy
Job Creation — Digital commerce has influential reproducing effect where case studies show that each digital vertical creates 2-4 jobs anywhere in the parallel economy
New Business — The digital will give more ways for citizens and businesses to increase their avenues and enhance visibility and new connections
Productivity — The industries that harness digital power experience greater productivity

Healthcare - eHealth enables new form of healthcare analytics and prediction methodologies to mitigate healthcare risks and improve patient coverage and quality
Education - education can be provided to the larger gamut of seekers at low cost and of better
Quality - Digital environment could make a large contribution to the environment with reduced power costs, decreased Co2 emissions etc.
Security - It’s been observed that digital has a greater impact on securing citizens lives and assets - reduced crime, increased road safety, increased financial security.


- Shifting from e-governance digital initiatives to fully digital economic development
-  Design policy and frameworks that promote digital innovation
- Reduce the large IT spend and create homegrown digital disruptors players at scale
- Create and design digital platforms for the region
- Enhance the collaboration between companies and digital disruptors in the region
- Create a fast paced business environment
- Reinvest in the talent to scale the national digitization program


Key benefits of attending include

Country Representation Table
Branding: Have a country representation table with branded national flag on the table to showcase your country participation at this unique congress

-Position your country at this congress and be at the forefront of an exciting change and transformation in digital commerce
-The Ministry logo with a hyperlink to be redirected to your website to ensure investors and other stakeholders are well informed.
-The ministry logo will be positioned in all the marketing collaterals for better branding and visibility
-Exclusive round of email marketing showcasing your country participation to the attendees
-Promotion material to be placed in the delegate kits that will be distributed to all the dignitaries attending the conference

Interaction and discussion The format of the congress facilitates interaction and dynamic discussion with other dignitaries, while providing ample opportunities to pose questions and interact to an expert panel of speakers.

-Make a list of companies or other dignitaries that you’d like to meet the congress for business or investment seeking opportunities.
-Get access to the VIP area and interact with the exclusive dignitaries attending from other countries and companies.
-Get a concierge manager of contact who will assist you in the creation of your meeting schedule during the event

Networking & Business Opportunities There are ample opportunities for government dignitaries, sponsors and speakers to meet, including access to complimentary reception that allows you to unwind while continuing to discuss agenda topics and form business relationships in an informal environment.
-Network with like-minded people at the congress and build healthy and cordial relations for immediate or future business relations
-Build new relation with entities who are willing to do business or start new ventures in your country

Bringing events to business Schedule site visits to appropriate investment opportunity sites to get a first-hand understanding of the business and see real situation before investing or putting in to practice in your own country.

Exhibition showcase Create a tailored exhibitor showcase where a select group of solutions providers can demonstrate the very latest technological advances. We invite only the most innovative vendors in the categories most relevant to your interests.

Investment for a Country Representation table – up to 8 members with Full Conference pass and the above mentioned benefits is USD 15,000

Our programs are personalized to the specific industry function of our attendees to ensure relevance. Our systematic market research process identifies the most relevant hot topics in each industry, allowing us to put together an agenda specifically for the end user. Our exclusive speakers are drawn from the same community of industry practitioners as our delegates and represent senior-level decision makers and thought leaders within respective field.

It is this attentiveness to detail that sets our events apart and ensures 100% relevance.


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