Digital Transformation
The Middle East and North African region is on the verge of a massive digital transformation. This transformation is building momentum to open up deeper prospects for smart solution providers over the past decade, the cross-border data flow connecting the Middle East to the rest of the world has increased over 150 folds hence having significant impact on rate of emergence of Digital trends.
Contributing to E-“Everything Online” agenda. OEC 2019 provides companies the opportunity to interact with a range of highly qualified and experienced speakers, solution providers which will enable attendees to understand how to incorporate the new trends while running businesses online. The companies that understand this disruption are incorporating technology to spark innovation while enhancing their visibility and profitability.

MENA’s E- commerce market is expected to reach $48.6 billion by 2022. Approximately 35% of millennials have started or planned to start their own business. In this region E-commerce is a hot topic and it can be linked to digitization and disruptive changes to traditional industries. The average revenue per user in this region currently amounts to US $202.39 which is very high compared to a lot of other countries and hence lies the massive opportunity to network and guide these with the new trends and technologies available for easier use. OEC 2019 is hosting a wide range of international experts and decision makers. Attendees will learn how to harness and realize the untapped potential to utilizing e-commerce as a key pillar of business strategy. The event will host companies from a diverse set of industries in the ecommerce value chain them being Logistics, Business Houses, markets leading banks, e-payment networks, telecom operators with payment solutions and partners. Companies are invited to become partners of the journey through various opportunities.

AI for Future Business
The buzz over Artificial Intelligence has definitely impacted a lot of organisations and more so when it comes to the C Suite, every organisation today is trying to weigh their options with AI, while most of them are in an experimentation phase or don’t have the right set of partner or lack knowledge, with most of the investment also coming from non-Technical companies. OEC 2019 will bring in the right set of partners to create the impact and help companies in their AI journey.OEC 2019 will get a host of companies and businesses who are seeking solutions, guidance and partners for their AI success story. AI success stories on the other side have a lot to say and are becoming more diverse and in abundance. If you’ve the right AI solutions we have the right consumers.

With the way e-commerce is flourishing it is necessary for organizations to digitize and automate logistic operations. The global logistics market is estimated to be worth $15.5 trillion by 2024 and the MENA region is leaving no stones unturned to capture a good chunk and establish itself as the trade and logistic hub, connecting east and the west with Strait Of Hormuz. The logistics sector is set to adopt massive amounts of change withinnovation spurts all over the world. It is keen to understand and adopt these changes. OEC 2019 shall address the current opportunities and challenges in the freight and logistic sector in the MENA region. The Conference will also highlight how technology is being incorporated in the logistic sector to ensure timely and efficient delivery services in a seamless manner to the customer while also focusing on the business without boundaries with the setups of SEZ’s. OEC 2019 will also uncover the last mile delivery challenge along with the latest technologies to be revealed at the conference. The Conference will have an elite gathering to discuss the current situation and what can be expected in the fast future.

Fintech And payment
The fintech concept barely existed a few years ago in the MENA region, now the market is worth 2 billion dollars. Investors made 2018 a record year for startups in the MENA region, highlighting its rapid embrace of fintech. Digital startups, fintech accounts to 12% of all deals in the region, closely followed by e-commerce.OEC 2019 will host senior financial, banking and technology executives, government leaders, expert analysts and other financial industry leaders from all around the globe. Topics Such as blockchain,cryptocurrency, seamless payments, fintech, cloud banking solutions and many more will be discussed.

MENA’s online retail market is expected to grow and is poised to nearly triple by 2020. Retail Apocalypse is not an apocalypse it’s more a transition that is occurring,retailers are responding to this by trying to incorporate the best of brick and mortar stores and online shopping and creating an experience that entails the best of online and offline shopping by using the latest tech like Virtual Reality, AR and more.OEC 2019 held in Oman Will have senior level e-commerce professionals having panel discussions,presentations, case study discussions along with Q&A sessions.  Attendees will be able to understand the concept and develop strategies that will help them take their businesses online. OEC- 2019 will see the most premier retail groups of the middle east inAttendance.